I have trialled a thermogenic fat burner called Valkyrie (its used as a pre workout to help convert your body to burning stored fat as the source of energy during your workouts, helps boost metabolism and performance)

I’m sharing this because I both 100% love the product and think it works! (My guns are popping 🤣) I have messaged them and they have given us all a 15% discount code if anyone does want it! Code is KCFIT15

I have strawberry kiss flavour Valkyrie and like it and haven’t tried other flavours xxx (again I get nothing from the sales it’s just a code for you to have discount)
When I get asked what supplements I use… I currently use this fat burner as a pre workout and I use a protein powder from bulk nutrients for post workouts! (I use the protein matrix, helps aid less bloating too)

Disclaimer… these products only work if you are active and exercising.. the will not do anything for sitting on the couch


Visit:  www.slimtum.com.au